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Brothers in arms, flight

July 15, 2010

Was strolling down the river enjoying the sunset when I ran into that church group again. I don’t know if it was the the sincere gaze of the one in the turtleneck, or the steadfast attitude we clearly share, but I finally gave their pamphlet a look. And you know what? It actually makes some really good points. For example, these are some of the few folks I’ve met outside my paramilitary chat network that know how close the apocalypse actually is. So when these peaceful warriors invited me to their dinner I was like ‘absolutely.’

Who knew one sheet of paper could hold so much truth

I have a profound appreciation for all religions. Thus I found the chanting, singing, dancing and weapons firing extremely spiritual. That common thread of music, self-defense, and majestic beings from the heavens is something that transcends our trivial differences. A won’t lie, there were some tears in that sweat when I was on the bongo drums and a man with two missing arms testified about the offerings to the being with the sharp arms. Whatever that is. The part of the night where the snakes get passed around was a little unnerving though. Mostly because they were Diamondback Rattlesnakes.

Good times, brothers.

And when the man appeared in that amazingly realistic giant snake suit I was especially confused on the mythology. I don’t think anyone else could see the giant snake, but apparently they all saw a UFO pick up that old woman with the snake bite. I hope someone took her to the hospital when whatever was in that juice wore off. And that mystery meat was fantastic. I guess it was some bird or something I’ve never heard of called ‘Aaron’. Regardless, thanks for dinner guys!

Keep fighting the good fight, gentlemen.

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