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July 29, 2010

A fellow collector called me up today!  Unfortunately he was calling to collect on my mounting debt. Thought it was time for a little zen break back where my phone won’t work in that little east coast village or whatever. Thanks to daddy government, I’ve got frequent flier miles up the arse and I used it to get myself from Marrakesh to here, but Continental caught wise and now I’m stuck with most of my liquid money in dollar coins that I carry around in a cool leather pouch.

Did I make this awesome sack with my own two hands, or did I cleverly trade my palm pilot for it on Craigslist? You decide.

I always pay my debts, so I thought I’d make some quick cash in the antique store in Julian. I found an animal-shaped voodoo doll that’ll fetch a pretty penny, but got into a fight with a guy holding a soldering iron over a giant 1912 Bentsworth mirror that woulda netted me at least fifty bucks.  I lost because I was distracted by a reflection of photo of myself sitting on the shelf. Afterward, the shop owner gave me the voodoo doll and that photo in exchange for me playing a game of D&D with him and his deformed son. We watched several disturbing internet videos before I took off to my motel room and plugged in my Dell and cracked a Tecate.


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