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Running low on percocet.

December 29, 2010

Charity is not dead, I don’t care what my old pastor said. Outside my hostel in Liege, some kind soul left me the greatest gift of all, the gift of knowledge. Thanks for the book, whoever you are. This is a real gem.

I swear I've seen this happen before.

With a newfound smile on my face, I set out into the countryside to nab up a beta cassette I found on Craigslist that allegedly had footage of the two men from the film reels arguing over beans or something (Google Translate doesn’t have Belgian, so I had to guess). After spending two hours stumbling my way through the insane Belgian language to negotiate with that inbred clown, I was able to get the cassette.

Watched it tonight. Yep, it was porn. Again. A soldier marches on.

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