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Sh*tty Carl and the Zen of Second Hand Salesmanship

March 10, 2011

Departed The Arctic Circle last night to track down a lead that Aaron found in El Cajon, CA. Apparently there is a direct mention of this guy on one of the primary hard drives. So I get to this dude’s duplex and he’s like, “are you Doug with the rocket launchers?”, and I’m like “I’m Jesse from the e-mail, are you Shitty Carl?”. He got all angry because I guess the only guy that calls him that is that guy Chris from the primary hard drive. He said he doesn’t even re-sell electronics anymore because the stuff Chris sold him was broken. I asked him what was wrong with it and he said the computer and camera hard drives were full of footage of Chris and every time he tried to delete it it would re-appear.

I tried to calm him down by letting him know my credentials as a reputable seller on E-Bay, but apparently this guy lives in the stone age. He only deals to some nearby antique store and second hand sporting goods shops. He then called Chris a “low life tweaker” and tried to get me to tell him Chris’ whereabouts to get his money back. I of course told him that I had no idea, and then gave him all of the “filmmakers” contact details, with the caveat of course that I haven’t seen a penny from these dudes so good luck. I asked him about the AR-16 assault rifle on his coffee table, and then he finally figured out that I’m a kindred spirit. He took me into his garage and even allowed me to snap some pictures of his collection.

Bonding with Carl.

Thanks for a wonderful evening Carl!

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