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July 7, 2011

So the “filmmakers” sent me to the Nepalese Himalayans because some communist monk claimed to have a mini DV tape with some footage of Michael and his wife on it. Did I mention it’s dangerously cold here? Look, I was a rescue volunteer on Mt. Everest for most of my late teens, I know the ins and outs of all weather gear. But it’s way colder here than the Himalayan Tourist associations web site gave for the seasonal average, and I’m really starting to doubt the effectiveness of the titanium flakes in my micro fleece. Anyhow, this morning I was looking for an internet signal and I’m pretty sure i saw a Yeti. Here’s the picture I took:

He had these huge red eyes but unfortunately he blinked.

You may noticed the non-stop blizzard makes photography impossible. So I have to wonder how my camera got 17 photos of a dead bobcat on it. Later in the morning the “filmmakers” put me in contact with Michael’s wife from the footage to verify the recorded events actually happened. She seemed really into me. When I suggested we meet up for a cup of coffee when I get back to civilization to discuss the situation further, she became reluctant. I wasn’t surprised. Women’s interest in me gives way to fear when they get a better idea of how dangerous and high stakes what I do actually is. I don’t blame her one bit. I made sure to let her know that if she needs any help through the grieving process that I’m here. I explained how many people I’ve had disappear on me, and how she should always think about ways to be better to people so that they don’t abandon her. She was so grateful she started crying and accidently hung up the phone. I went to a museum to gather my thoughts on the matter:

Yeti scalp. These don't do as well as you'd think in the online selling market.

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